Elim Peugeot and Elim Citroën celebrate awards again for 2018

‘Elim Peugeot’ Llangefni is celebrating once again as being named Guild Of Gold Lion Dealer for 2018. Following a successful 2017 and achieving No. 1 dealer in the whole of the UK and still the only Welsh dealer to achieve the No. 1 spot.

Elim Llangefni is being recognised as one of the jewels in the Peugeot crown with the award, which commends the Dealership on excellent customer service and sale performance, outstanding customer feedback, the latest showroom
specification and product availability.

The Team was measured against all Peugeot Dealerships across the UK following a successful 2018. David Peel, Managing Director of Peugeot UK said “celebrating these brilliant performances from the leading dealerships in the network is the perfect way to start the year”.

“Elim is setting a great example for the rest of the businesses to follow with exceptionally high standards and results. The team consistently provide great customer service and have built strong community relationships. I’d like to congratulate the whole team on its hard work and dedication and I am looking forward to celebrating the teams continued success this year”.

Ian Trevor, dealer principle at Elim said “to be recognised as a Guild Of Gold Lion Dealer in a highly competitive market, is a fantastic achievement for our team. We are delighted to be recognised for the hard work that has gone into making 2018 a great success, and we will continue to ensure that each and every customer receives our excellent level of service throughout 2019”.

For Peugeot enquiries call 01248 750251
For Citroen enquiries 01248 750531

‘Elim Citroën’ Llangefni is also celebrating again for 2018. Elim are celebrating a podium position for the best overall Citroën Dealer in the UK at the recent Citroën Excellence Awards Night. Again measured against all Citroen Dealerships across the UK and Ireland following a successful 2018.

Eurig Druce, Sales Director of Citroën UK said, “Elim have consistently performed at the highest level reflected again in 2018 as a finalist in the dealer of the year awards. Congratulations to the team at Citroën”.

The family run business have over 50 years experience in the automotive trade. Ian Trevor, dealer principle and the team at Elim Citroën have steered the Citroën dealership to being one of the best in the country, with 5 star customer ratings from happy customers v i a CitroënAdvisor. Ian Trevor commented “we would like to thank our customers, and also the staff at both Elim Peugeot and Elim Citroën. We pride ourselves on ensuring the best possible customer service is delivered to customers all the time, so it is great to be acknowledged for all our efforts. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our loyal customers for their continued support of Elim as a local business and as a local business we do endeavour to support many local events and charities.”


Motability Premier Partner Peugeot & Citroen.

Motor Industry Code of Practice Registered.



Citroen awarded excellence in customer care.
Peugeot Guild of Gold Lion Dealer Award.



Citroen 1st for excellence in aftersales customer care.



Citroen brand champion and dealer principle of the year award.


Peugeot guild of Gold Lion dealer award.

Citroen Podium position best new sales experience.

Citroen Motability commended dealer award.



Peugeot Podium position best new sales experience.

Peugeot Motability commended dealer award.



Citroen 1st place best new sales experience & highly commended aftersales.

Citroen Pro 2 ace accreditation.

Peugeot Guild of Gold dealer award podium position.

Peugeot Aftersales Manager Gold Award.


Peugeot Guild of Gold Lion Dealer Award Number 1 Nationally.

Peugeot Aftersales Manager Gold Award.

Peugeot Sales Manager Gold Award.

Peugeot Pro 2 Ace Accreditation.

Citroen 3 Position National Dealer of the Year.

Citroen Podium position best new sales experience.



Peugeot Guild of Gold Lion Dealer Award.

Citroen 3rd Position National Dealer of the Year.

Citroen Podium Position Best New Sales Experience.